So great to be back writing on the blog again!!  We took a much needed break–  As photographers, sometimes we need a little downtime…rewind-renew & refresh….with the New Year looming, it’s time for us regroup-and start moving forward again…

Fot 2 years now we have focused on the technical aspects of photography…many of us are ready for the next step…the next project…the next experience….so while we have been on ‘Haitus’ We are so excited about kicking off a new project in the new year.  In the meantime we are missing our weekly posts.  We are taking the rest of our time this year to post images that speak to our hearts… it doesn’t have the same structure of our usual P52 projects, but, we hope you enjoy our work during this little interlude.


Something new I’m working on….more ‘Lifestyle’ photography….Lifestyle is very different from Classic Portraiture ….it mainly aims to capture real life events/milestones in the art of the everyday….The primary goal is to tell stories about people in their environment…

This style speaks to me…I have an amazing family- Four beautiful boys, and a wonderful husband…our everyday is a New Adventure….milestones I can capture in our natural environment while studying Natural Light….

I also hope to free lens over the winter season….something new I will show you beginning in January….but, for now…a peek inside my house to see what the boys were upto this evening …many birthday celebrations for our London boy have taken place over the past 2 weeks…tonight- we build a robot!!  The request for a robot that cleans has room was not fulfilled…but a mini solar powered robot that can be rebuilt to run on ground and water would suffice…. Not sure who had more fun-  the little boys or the big boy 😉

untitled-9 untitled-7
untitled-14Don’t forget to continue through to whowebecome to see what all my wonderful friends have been up to since September!!


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