Letters to our Sons

{I am privledged to be a part of a blog group that shares our letters & journeys about ‘our’ boys….please continue through our circle with Kristina from PurkyPics and follow us on photographic journeys….}

A date night with my London Boy!….Because every son deserves a date with his mum (every once in a while).

It was fun to run around just you and I…take some pictures…your such a little model and love to pose in front of my camera…it was fun walking through the garden and talking about the plants and what happens to them in the winter.  Your so inquisitive! You love to learn!…I loved watching you pick up leaves and throwing them over your head-to see which way the wind blows….and finding that one last dandelion in the grass….

You’re my Sunshine on a Cloudy Day…..and I am so honoured to be your Mum…..Know that you are forever loved…..

xox Mum

letterson-3 letterson-4 lettersonletterson-2


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