Letters To Our Sons

Hey My London Boy!

Your just chillin out reading your newest book from the library and drawing your comics…or maybe your writing little notes for Daddy and I…. saying how much you love us…

A lot has changed in the past 4 years…from the day we started working on learning to listen with your new ears…and teaching you sounds, putting faces to names, learning animals… I remember the day you heard us speak to you for the first time, when you heard a dog bark and a plane fly overhead…I remember the day you signed ‘I Love You’, and said it the best you could at the same time…

You put 1000% into everything you do & while you may have some setbacks & throw a tantrum–you ALWAYS try again….

Your a pretty special kid!…your fearless, brave, funny, enthusiastic…caring, genuine…the list goes on…. I’m so incredibly proud of you & everything you do….

Love you to the moon and back kiddo….xox



letterJ-3495 letterJ-3496 letterJ-3497

letterjuly-4393Don’t forget to click HERE to read Jana O’Flaherty’s letter….


One thought on “Letters To Our Sons

  1. What a beautiful letter ❤ I adore that first pic – the little bit of tongue showing just how hard he is concentrating!

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