Letters to Our Sons

I can’t believe it’s June already!  Your first year of school is -almost- complete!  From the first day we dropped you off at Junior Kindergarten, we knew you were MORE than ready to go!

This past year, you have made me laugh – with your crazy impressions of not only me, but dad and your brothers…you have made me cry…just by running up to me and giving me a hug when I needed one the most…  you have ABSOLUTELY irritated the crap out of me!!! (I’m sure every mother can relate!) But most of all -Dear Ethan….you have been the class clown, the jokester, the ice breaker that I love so much….

Your growing up a little too quick for my liking….and if I could keep you little for just a little longer…I would….I hope the you continue to shower me with kisses in the morning and cuddles in the afternoon…Cause no matter what…you’ll always be my baby….   ethan2013ethan2013ethan2013 ethan2014Please continue through our Blog Circle with another ‘Letters to our sons’ from Tricia of The Wright Touch Photography.



5 thoughts on “Letters to Our Sons

  1. Beautiful letter!! My favourite is definitely that first shot with his arms stretched high and the grin on his face 🙂

  2. Beautiful letter! My little boy is going to Kindergarten next year and I’m so proud and sad at the same time! I love the photo of him playing with the phone,the light is so beautiful there.

  3. What a sweet letter. I’m sure he will love reading these when he is older. Your photographs really bring out his personality!

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