P52: Diffused Light

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.  -Dorothy Lange




…..Mothers Day began with mum’s famous Pancakes!…and yes, I made them myself!!  I love to make Pancakes!!  Poor Ethan was so patient-but, Oh So Hungry!….I managed to snap this as he waited, and waited….My boys spoiled me rotten today!…not by showering me with lots of gifts–although they did spoil me with a beautiful Hammock for Summer…but, by giving me the kisses and the hugs that I still need from them…even as they grow older…sometimes they become far and few between….but today–was all for me….I cherish my 4 boys…I cherish every little moment I have with them…. I am honoured to be their mum…..


Next up in our circle is the extremely talented Jessie Wixon.  Jessie is a Natural Light Photographer out of New York and is the loving Mum of 2 beautiful girls that keep her inspired!!!


4 thoughts on “P52: Diffused Light

  1. Such a sweet moment in lovely soft light! You made your own pancakes? Those are some lucky boys!!

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