P52: Morning Light

Morning light…..ohhh…morning light….I loathe mornings!!!!!!!…..and I’m an awfully lucky gal to have a husband that lets me sleep until 830 most mornings…YES-830!!  There are some trade offs–but I will take what I can get….

One of my besties owns a small farm…it all started with the horses…and then the goat…well-the goat went to another home…long story short-Genny (the horse) did not like the Winston (the Goat) and refused to enter her stall without throwing a small fit!…next, the chickens came to visit–producing 5 eggs a day-from 5 hens equals amazing!!!  Especially since she (Anne) loves to bake with her young son..& just added this past week have been the Indian Runners Ducklings-

holiday-9174 holiday-9210-1 holiday-9212-1

Next up in our P52  Circle is the beautiful Sarah! Sarah makes her home in West Harlom with her husband and young son…and another little guy on the way!!!


8 thoughts on “P52: Morning Light

  1. What a different life than mine! I love the gorgeous light in these – my favorite is the second one – I love that curious horse!

  2. The backlight has such a softness to it. I love #2 with the horse and light peaking into the barn!

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