P52: On the Inside

From week to week the weather seems to change-drastically!!!…it didn’t seem that long ago I was commenting on the lack of snow, then it was the dumping of the white stuff….and now it’s +12 and rainy…all within the last 4 weeks….Unfortunately for my little ones, balmy temperatures and rain falling-means no outdoor play…..As you can see from my picture below, Logan was non too impressed!!  Day dreaming of getting outside and jumping in puddles….he will have to keep day dreaming for the time being!!


Next up in our fabulous circle is Lisa…As an architect, Lisa has an incredible passion for the visual arts which she interprets through her photography. Please continue through our circle to see all the inspiring images from this week.


7 thoughts on “P52: On the Inside

  1. Kennedy, I love the side view and his little fingers tucked under his chin. The background in very soft and captivating as well. I love the softness and muted tones.

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