P52/Week9: Hard Light

Hard Light = relative small light source. Soft Light = relative large light source. 

I will define Hard Light as a quality of light on an object where the fall off from the highlighted side of the object to the shadowed side happens over a very short distance. This creates the look of a sharp or hard edge, hence, hard light. The opposite is Soft Light which has a much more gentle transition from the highlighted side to the shadowed side creating a soft edge.

I’m sure there are better definitions out there that are more technical, but I’m going for simplicity here folks! and this is what works!  Hopefully this will translate in my photographs and you will understand my definition of Hard Light by the end of this series….

Hard light is directional and generally more intense, thereby heightening contrast. It’s great for building drama in a scene and emphasizing shape and dimension. Which I have hopefully portrayed in the image below…My Little London boy sitting on the stairs in the early morning…he was patiently waiting to go to school…The light in the image is from the sun streaming in from the kitchen window, and only lasts for a matter of minutes, so I knew I had limited time…I got what I could.  I do think this is a good jumping off point for me, and will hopefully continue to develop over the next couple of weeks.

You already know about Project 52-Because you have all been following me!!!!!!…follow our circle to see all of the wonderful photographers work that make up our diverse group!

Next up in the circle is Kelly…she is super amazing and super talented!  Don’t forget to check out the rest of her blog and website…


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