P52/Week8: For the LOVE of Fall

It has been so beautiful out these past 2 days-Our Indian Summer has arrived!!!  and I have taken full advantage of it!!!! Thursday was jam packed with a trip to Knox’s Pumpkin Farm….we hung out in the barn and cuddled up with some horses… watched the roosters crow–and my husband became friends with a goat who thoroughly enjoyed munching on his jeans… (they really do eat ANYTHING).  We also managed to hit up Tyrone mill for some Apple Donuts (sorry, no pictures.  They didn’t last long enough!), and then to Archibalds for some wine tasting!… 🙂

As you may know, Photo 52 is a collaborative project I am working on with several other talented photographers, we will embark on a new overarching theme referred to as backlighting.  Simply put backlighting is when a light source is behind the main subject. Whilst some might find it counterintuitive to shoot into the light, the effects can be quite magical.

By having the light behind your subject, the finer details of an object can be enhanced as well as the capture of some lovely silhouettes.  Landscape photography works well with backlighting, especially with translucent flowers and foliage or rim lighting of animals and objects in the background. Even atmospheric elements such as haze, fog, steam or mist can be intensified and therefore alter the mood of an image.  Here is a few of my favourite from our last and final Indian Summer Days….

Up next in our Blog Circle is Kim DuPree. Kim is a Natural Light Photographer from Texas & she’s addicted to chips and salsa!!  Take a few minutes to check out her interpretation of backlighting for our final week!!


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