Project52/Week6: Backlighting

The moment you take the leap of understanding to realize you are not photographing a subject but are photographing light is when you have control over the medium. – Daryl Benson 

As the weather changes, so does the amount of light that becomes available.  This week I had to really ‘Find My Light’…I had to look at things in a different way, I never would have otherwise…and that is one of the main reasons for this group…to dig deep, to think outside the box…Use what is available to you…make it work….

I am lucky though!  My Begonia’s are still in bloom-despite the chilly autumn weather that has come our way….my neighbours may have had a good chuckle at my expense as well…watching me lay belly down in the mud (it had recently rained), camera in hand, &  shooting into the sun…

As you may know, Photo 52 is a collaborative project I am working on with several other talented photographers, we will embark on a new overarching theme referred to as backlighting.  Simply put backlighting is when a light source is behind the main subject. Whilst some might find it counterintuitive to shoot into the light, the effects can be quite magical.

By having the light behind your subject, the finer details of an object can be enhanced as well as the capture of some lovely silhouettes.  Landscape photography works well with backlighting, especially with translucent flowers and foliage or rim lighting of animals and objects in the background. Even atmospheric elements such as haze, fog, steam or mist can be intensified and therefore alter the mood of an image.  Here is my image for week 6 of backlighting…..

Up next in the circle is Kelly.  She is an amazing photographer…please take the time to check out her interpretation, as well as the rest of her blog and facebook page.


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